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As you grow your business, you may come to the point where you have to entertain high-profile, out-of-town clients. Orange County offers an incredible canvas so that while you are trying to make a good business impression, you also demonstrate that you are the consummate host who values your partnerships. However, how do you go about setting up an impressive trip for your clients while managing your budget? Here are some tips for a truly successful business trip:

  • One of the best investments for clients new to the area is to hire a private transportation service for their needs. You want your clients to enjoy the trip, and feel like they can get around easily and at their convenience. You would be surprised at how affordable some private driver rates in Los Angelesluxury car hire in Los Angeles and Ornage County really are.
  • While you don’t necessarily need to go over the top on accommodations, you may be able to find a deal on higher-end luxury hotels with a little research. If not, you can add small touches to the hotels you can afford, like a welcome basket of snacks and such. Those personal touches demonstrate that you value their comfort.
  • Plan ahead for at least one recreational activity, if possible. While the trip is strictly business, your client is still traveling to one of the most attraction-laden areas in the nation. Whether it’s a trip to the beach or tickets to a special event, you can show your clients that you value the time they took to come to you.
  • Make the most of meals. Meals are not just an opportunity to have those important conversations. Good, quality meals put everyone in a better mood. Business travelers are used to eating generic fare while on the road. Rather than order those sandwiches for lunch, take the opportunity to show your clients the creative cuisine our area offers.

While these are just a few tips, their core foundation is to put hospitality at the forefront of your business entertaining. At Car Service Orange County, we can help by providing quality transportation for all your clients’ needs. To learn more or to inquire about our car service rates in Los Angeles, contact us today!