Make Your First Cruise Perfect with Smart Planning and Transportation

LAXYou’ve taken the leap and booked the perfect cruise vacation, but now comes the hard part; what do you need to do to pull off a seamless travel experience? Let’s take a closer look at some points to consider:

    • Know your port. While most southern California cruises depart from The Port of Los Angeles World Cruise Center, Carnival Cruises has their own port in Long Beach.


    • If you are flying into the city, check LAX shuttle service rates to get to the port. This is much more economical than a car rental. Likewise, many travelers will need a hotel before or after their cruise (or both), so make sure to factor into your trip budget.


    • Even if you’re not flying in, you should check into hiring a car service to deliver you to the port. Port parking can exceed more than $30.00 per day, while car service rates in Los Angeles are such that you could save hundreds by hiring one instead of parking.


    • Be realistic about your schedule. If you schedule flights too close to boat departure or arrival, you are asking for trouble.  You understandably want to save money, but an inexpensive hotel will give you the peace of mind that comes from an itinerary with wiggle room.


    • Know all of the passport and currency requirements for your ports of call, if applicable. Once you’re on the ship, you’re pretty much stuck, so you need to anticipate needs and problems ahead of time. This includes packing medications as well.


    • Ask your cruise-veteran friends what they would have done differently on their first outing. They may help you discover key areas of concern that you never would have anticipated.


At Car Service Orange County, we can help start and end your vacation right. Our luxury, professional car service will help you get to and from the port, while also helping you avoid those parking fees and logistics nightmares. To learn more about our private driver rates for Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports, contact us at (714) 241-7040 for a quote today!